Fashion as a circulaire service

More fashion. Less waste. &-ONWARDS gives a new definition to online fashion shopping. Together with our members, we are building the wardrobe of the future, passing on garments and extending their lifespan. Get inspired. We select only the highest quality fashion items that you can rent from us or buy pre-loved.

Packaging of your clothing

We work together with Rollor Packaging for the sustainable packaging of your clothing. Rollor Packaging's packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable and carries the FSC-certified paper label.

Thanks to their special design, we can deliver your clothes neatly and ready to wear. You can easily unroll the box and when returning it, simply roll your clothes back into it. Keep the box rolled up until return. The instructional video shows you exactly how it works.

Delivery & collection of your clothes

With DHL we have chosen a reliable partner who recognizes the importance of sustainability. In the coming years, they will invest billions in cleaning up their operations to protect the environment. In addition, they invest 1% of their profits every year in social projects.

Steekje los our partner for upcycling

Steekje los – a sustainable sewing café in the basement of the sustainable department store (Lange Viestraat 6).

Sewing lessons, workshops and sewing café, everything with a sustainable approach.

For Tinka, the owner of Steekje Los, , sustainability means using existing materials (both fabrics and garments), making your own clothing, upcycling, repairing, reusing, second-hand and vintage. She is going for circular textiles and zero waste!

Steekje los is open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). During the week there are sewing lessons in the evening.

There is an open walk-in sewing café on Sunday and you are very welcome to come and sew something spontaneously (rent a workplace with sewing machine per hour) or just have a chat.

Cleaning of your products

In topcleaning we found a professional dry cleaner who has the NETEX environmental certificate. They work according to strict, environmentally conscious rules and standards. The family business is also ISO 9001 and CERCLEAN certified. Which monitors quality at an international level.

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