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Bring us your most beautiful items this month. Hand them in,  we will sort and sell the items in our Utrecht store for you.

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We are critical in what we sell, whether it is second-hand or new. We cannot sell everything that still looks “good”, we only have room for the Masterpieces that are most in demand in our store. This does not mean that an item is 'not beautiful enough, but that some items are simply not sold in the store because there is no demand for them. We can use these items, which we are not going to sell, for up-cycling via "Steekje los" or via "Sympany" recycling. Come by and give us your most beautiful masterpieces and we will sell them for you or pass them on.


1. Select

Go through your closet critically and select the quality items which you no longer wear.

2. Bring

We are looking for quality women's, uni-sex, men's clothing and accessories. We only sell clothing, accessories that looks like new. Bring this to our shop in Utrecht and we will sell it!

3. Sell & Earn

We select what can be sold. We will hang it in the store and your earnings can start. We hang the items in the store for two months. Once your clothing has been sold, 40% of the proceeds belong to you.


Bring your Masterpieces to us in Utrecht

You can bring your clothes in for sale during opening hours in May. You do not need to make an appointment for this. We are open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m at Lange Viestraat nr 6, Utrecht. Your clothing will be selected immediately and if it is suitable for sale, it will then hang in the store for 2 months. We can donate the items that we do not select for sale to " Steekje Los", for its upcycle courses, or we give the items to our recycling party Sympany in consultation.

Bring seasonal clothes

We'd love to see women's, uni-sex and men's clothing released for the current season. Bags and accessories are also very welcome, provided they are in perfect condition.

Just like you, our customers are looking for items that are in perfect condition. When choosing what to bring in, be sure that all buttons and zippers work, and that each item smells fresh and is ironed, ready for a new owner.

We only sell clothing and accessories that are of high-quality material and look like new. So take a critical look through your closet and only bring the beautiful current Masterpieces that you no longer wear.

Register your Masterpieces

We prefer that you bring your clothes in a bag or boxes and no clothes on hangers. 

When you bring us your clothing or accessories, you can first register with us. We will guide you through the registration and sales process. Your masterpieces will be reviewed by our professional within a week. We register the masterpieces we are going to sell together with your personal information and the sale can begin. The selected items are then priced and hung in the store. Your sales credit can now start building up!

The items, which we do not choose for sales,  can be donated for up-cycle or recycling after your agreement. 


Pricing & payment

The &-ONWARDS purchasing specialist determines the prices of the products. We take into account supply, demand, current trends and condition. If you would like to discuss the price of a specific item, you are of course welcome to do so. Together we will figure it out.

After the sales period has expired (2 months) and your items have been sold, you will be paid 40% of the sales price we charge (You will receive 40% of the sales price when your item is sold. We pay VAT on the clothing sold). We communicate about it with you and after approval we start the next phase. 

sold items

Our registration system keeps track of how much has been sold. You can have the credit paid out monthly or choose new items in the store. We do this by bank transfer. Discuss during the intake which payment period you want to use. The accrued credit must be collected or settled within 1 year.

not sold items

You indicate in advance whether you would like to have the unsold clothing back or whether we can donate it to a good cause.


Yes, you can also bring in new clothing for sale. To offer a large batch of clothing, please contact us: 06-21407118. We prefer to take over excess stock from your store stock when it has expired or in the event of bankruptcy, but we do not buy directly. Our consignment sales method gives you a much better price than the average buyer gives you. We only look for clothing from the better brands.


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