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One-time rental with &-ONWARDS

With one-time rental, you can rent our curated premium collections for special occasions like weddings, parties, weekends, festivals or holiday gatherings. When renting, you choose 1 or more items that you want to rent for a certain period. You place it in your shopping bag, choose the desired period in the relevant boxes ( Book for a minimum time of 5 days, create an account and give us permission to debit the relevant amount from your account once. You wear the chosen items within the chosen period and return them on time. We will do the rest!



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How it works

The minimum rental period is 5 days. When choosing the correct days in the calendar, you must select at least 1 week (7x24 hours). The 2 extra days are not included in the rental price and we plan for transport. This way we can be sure that the selected items will arrive and be returned on time and ready to wear. Those 2 days apply to every rental period, if you want to wear the selected clothing for 8 days, you must choose 10 days in the calendar, etc.

Our selection is of top quality, as good as new and all items are always cleaned and maintained with the greatest accuracy. Rent now extra cheaply with a 20% discount from our extensive wardrobe. Create your account, check your email and use your discount code.



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