Briglia 1949- Binnenkort verkrijgbaar

Briglia 1949 - Binnenkort

What we would call Main Collection and which represents the historicity of the brand. The focus of this part of the collection is constantly focused on fit and fabrics. Here are the company's best sellers both as models and as treatments. A series of basic garments that are only slightly contaminated by fashion elements. A transversal product that adapts to different men of different ages and styles.

Stijlen van Briglia 1949

Briglia 1949  men 23, pants, tailored, checks, verhuren van kleding, andonwords
Briglia 1949, Italian design 23, New brand, andonwards, pants, abonneer
Briglia 1949 , men collection, 2023, &-ONWARDS, design, subscribe
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