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&-ONWARDS is founded by a team of fashion and business professionals. We have a shared mission in which a future-proof fashion industry is central. We combine entrepreneurship and an attractive vision of fashion and retail in achieving a shared goal: to reduce the impact of fashion on people, the environment and society.  Currently, the driving force of &-ONWARDS consists of 2 entrepeneurs, but we are also incredibly grateful for the support of many talented people, investors and stakeholders who joined us on our journey last year.

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What we think

It's time to reduce our fashion footprint. It's time to pass on clothes when we're ready for something new. To wear the most beautiful items without feeling guilty. For a short or longer period. It's time for the wardrobe of the future. A shared wardrobe with the most beautiful premium clothing items. Which are available for a fraction of the retail price.



What we do

&-Onwards is building the wardrobe of the future. A cupboard that is not overflowing with bad purchases or one-hit wonders. A closet that you fill with clothes that you actually wear. With your favorite pieces that you always return to. Supplemented with premium fashion items that you only own when you wear them. Then we take them back. We clean them for you. And they pass it on again.


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As fashion and business professionals with a shared passion for high-quality, well-designed fashion, we have joined forces. Together with you, we are building our Community and want to be a force in the fight for a circular fashion industry. With a monthly changing offer, we inspire the whole of the Netherlands to own less clothing.

Help us realize this transition and sign up for our newsletter or socials. We really need your feedback. Think along and let us know what you need to complete your wardrobe of the future. As &-ONWARDS Community we build a sustainable fashion experience together.


Our goals

&-Onwards is part of Collective Effort. It is our shared goal to make the fashion industry more circular. We reinvent how fashion should be made, sold, worn and reused. By sharing our knowledge and collaboration at scale, we make the transition from ownership to use and reduce our fashion footprint.

Our policy is based on three central pillars with which we measure sustainability: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Our goals are in line with the circular policy goals of the Ellen MacArthur foundation, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the policies of both the Dutch government and the textile industry organizations.


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