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Unlock growth, become circular and capture data

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&-ONWARDS connects conscious creators and fashion lovers to realize subscription clothing at scale. We are your growth partner to unlock revenue, data, and sustainability opportunities in fashion rental. 

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As a rental brand you can;

Unlock growth

Unlock growth through recurring rental revenue, monetising overstock and reaching new market segments.

Become circular​

Become circular and increase wear turns while &-ONWARDS handles all rental logistics and operations for you.

Capture data

Capture data and feedback from members to optimise product design and inspire marketing activities.

More benefits

Earn more on one product

&-Onwards gives brands the opportunity to earn more with every article. With our service you can generate up to 60% on top of the wholesale price. After every rental or after every sale you receive a commission and we give you the income back.

Recieve data

We provide inclusive reports and customer feedback on: materials, pricing, style, design, sizing, colors  and more.

We provide reporting and feedback on the product and material during the lifespan extension and associated product cycle.

While we support you with marketing and customer insights, you focus on what matters most: developing a sustainable product that customers love and which matters most to you.

Participate with our marketingcampaigns

We continuously work to put our brands in the spotlight with campaigns and unique projects. So join us!


Reach new customers and markets

With rental you reach new customer segments. These customers can experience the products and when they decide to buy them, we help you sell these products to them.

After each rental you receive a commission. At the end of the rental cycle we sell the items and you receive even more returns.


Sell more. More return per item. More consumer data. Reach new customers and contribute to the circular economy. We make new markets and insights accessible.

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