Bombers Original

Bombers Original clearly embodies the Bombers' quintessence

Bombers Original

Before anything else, Bombers Original is a pioneering brand, intimately related to eachevolution's key-step of this cult fashion item called Bombers.

The iconic navy blue or khaki military jacket was created in the early 50's for the US AirForce's pilots. Since then, it adopted a flashy orange lining, the « warning signal » aimed atfacilitating rescue of pilots in distress.

Hijacked through the years by all the crews who took part in fashion and pop culture's history, from the Mods and Skinheads not to mention Hip-Hop movement's initiators, the Bomber became gradually a must have.

Bombers Original has accompanied each of these cultural changes until the late 90's

Bombers Original driven by a strongidentity and a rich historical background, source of its unquestioned legitimity.

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